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Patches & Badges Reproductions produce custom patches and badges plaques to US Military, Policemen, Fire Fighters, Security consultants and Government employees looking for world-class plaques you can't just find anywhere. We only use the finest wood and not cheap hollow stuff that is made of plastic or fake wood used by other competitors.

We can exactly replicate any kind of patches and badges into wooden plaques which look amazing because it is hand-carved until finished in full 3D detail. We can create any kind of patches and badges from its design to its shape and size. You can also choose if you want it to be painted in a full color or metallic finish. Put more value on your patches plaque and badges plaque by adding an outer layer for your name or any text that makes it more personalized and unique.

Each custom patch plaque and badge plaque has a recessed hook at the back that enables the plaque to perfectly fit on walls or podiums. So, you can proudly hang or display it inside or outside your office or department or anywhere you want to show your badge's honor.

If you can't find the patches and badges you're qualified in here at our collection, then you can send us a photo of your badges or patches at sales@militaryplaques so we can further assist you on your mock-up design.

Don't just let your patches and badges hidden, proudly show the world you've got this kind of honor! Recreate your patches and badges with us now!