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Military Retirement Plaques knows the value of the service of military retirees and a farewell party is not enough without a beautiful retirement plaque. That is why we offer high-quality and world-class retirement plaques that you can freely customize from its design to its shape, color, and size!

You can also add a dedication message together with the name of the retiree and the start and end date of his or her service. If you don't have any idea what words to say, you can check out our advice on how to make the Wording for Military Plaque Dedication.

It's your time to be creative in the design. It's perfect if you will put something that best describes the service of the retiree. It can be his favorite ship if he's in the US Navy or the aircraft he's in during his best mission; it's all up to you how to make it more unique and amazing! With our skilled craftsmen and graphics team, we will make sure that you'll perfectly get the retirement plaque you want. No worries because we don't require an extra charge for custom design retirement plaques since we vary our prices based on the size of the plaque regardless of the design.

For the sizes, we can make a plaque from 8 x 10" wide up to 36"x 36" wide or based on your preference. Each retirement plaque we made is made of the highest quality mahogany so it is free from twisting and warping. A recessed keyhole is attached to the back of the plaque making it perfect for wall or podium mounting.

Custom Design Retirement plaques are much appreciated since the retiree knows the value of your effort given to make the plaque looks fantastic.

So why leave if you're at the right place! Order now for your retiree friends, relatives, or loved ones.