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FBI Plaques

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MilitaryPlaques.Com is proud to be an Official License Holder for the manufacturer and sale of FBI plaques.

We delivered 100's of FBI wooden seal plaques, logo or emblem plaques, FBI wall plaques and podium plaques, FBI retirement plaques, FBI badge plaques, FBI special agent plaque and custom FBI plaques to FBI offices across the country. They are great gifts or awards to FBI agents and officers who have done exceptional service.

Our FBI plaques are hand-carved and hand-painted and range from 4’ to 72” or as you specified. It’s no problem if you want to customize our plaques because there’s NO EXTRA FEE for artwork set-up.

We regularly receive orders from the FBI due to our performance on the accuracy of design and individual requirements, never missing delivery deadlines, and excellent customer services and support. We also have been requested to have the plaques made by official contractors for government projects and if you are a keen moviegoer, many of those wall plaques you see in the detective movies are specially made by us!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Seal and Badge

The FBI seal has been in use since 1941. The colors and symbol of the FBI seal represent the values and standards of the FBI and the United States and it refers to the history of both the organization and the country. However, the FBI badge was created in 1935 and has a very different design that does not incorporate the seal. The FBI badge is given to FBI special agents.