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Connecticut Police and Fire Union CPFU Custom-made Plaque

$155.95 each

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The Connecticut Police and Fire Union represents 950 police, fire and public safety personnel throughout the state of Connecticut. Its alliance includes both firefighters (IAFF Local S-15) and law enforcement (IUPA Local 74) personnel.

These police officers and firefighters 27/7 service signifies the plaque we made for them. The plaque has the design of two emblems engraved together with the department’s name. It is finished in full color following the specified details. It is perfect to hang on walls so that everyone in the state will be reminded by the efforts of this policemen and firefighters.

You can make this plaque more special by adding it to your gift ideas if you’re planning to surprise a friend or relative in the service during their promotion, recognition, or retirement ceremonies. You can also add a dedication wording to tell them your appreciation message or any text that you make like to say.

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