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10th Mountain Division Patch plaque

$155.95 each

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US Army 10th Mountain Division Patch Plaque

This solid mahogany wall plaque shows the 10th Mountain Division Patch Seal

Each 10th Mountain Division Patch wall plaque is hand carved from solid mahogany then hand painted and finished. Fantastic additions to any military collection. Great military retirement gift, military graduation gift, or military recognition awards. Recessed hook enables the plaque to hang flush against any wall.

10th Mountain Division: The 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), currently serving under the XVIII Airborne Corps is a specially tailored infantry division that is rapidly deployable by strategic airlift to conduct a full spectrum of operations from humanitarian relief to combat. The 10th Mountain Division has been involved in more deployments than any other division in the Army. s. The 10th is designed for rapid deployment anywhere in the world and the unit's specialty involves fighting effectively in harsh conditions. The division is currently based at Fort Drum, New York.

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