U.S. Marine Corps Police Officer Badge Plaque

$155.95 each
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maximum upload file size : 100M
maximum upload file size : 100M

Turn your badges now into a beautifully hand-carved wooden badge plaque you can hang or display proudly on your walls indoors or outdoors.

This one we made is for the U.S. Marine Corps Police Officer Badge Plaque. It is hand-carved in 100% mahogany and hand-painted dominantly in gold metallic finish. The design signifies a great meaning. Who would not be touched if given a meaningful plaque like this?

Want to make your badge plaque to be more personalized and valuable? You can request your name, or a short dedication wording engraved on it. You can also choose your preferred size, design, and shape of the badge plaque.

If you want to give it as an award or gift to your promoted or retired friend or loved one under this department, then you can be creative on customizing the plaque. Order now!

To customize a plaque, click here https://www.militaryplaques.com/military-plaque-custom-made

Brand URL : u-s-marine-corps-police-officer-badge-plaque

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American Plaque Company
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Toll Free: 1-800-313-1876
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American Plaque Company
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PSC Codes: 7110, 8455, 9905, 9999
FSC Codes: 8455, 9905

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