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Army Master Aviator Insignia Plaque

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Army Master Aviator Insignia Wings Plaque

This solid mahogany wall plaque shows the Army Master Aviator Insignia. Perfect army gift, army retirement gift or recognition award.

Master Aviator: A Senior Aviator, who is medically qualified and instrument qualified may apply for the Master Aviator Badge as long as the aviator has served fifteen years of rated aviation service, served 120 months in operational flying duty assignments and accumulated 2,000 hours of flight time. Symbolism: The wings suggest flight and reflect the skills associated with aerial flight. The shield of the coat of arms of the United States signifies loyalty and devotion to duty.

Available Color Finishes:

Each Army Master Aviator wall plaque is hand carved from solid mahogany then hand painted and finished. Fantastic additions to any military collection. This hand carved and hand painted wooden plaque is perfect as a wall plaque or podium plaque. A recessed hook enables the plaque to hang flush against any wall.

Wooden Wings Insignia Plaques and Lapel Device Plaques- more details at Military Plaque's main store page

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