Upper Merion Township Police Patch Plaque

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Police Plaques customized at no extra charge!
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$119.95 each
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Turn your patches now into a beautifully hand-carved wooden patch plaque you can hang or display proudly on your walls indoors or outdoors.

The exceptional service of Upper Merion Township policemen deserves to be awarded a plaque with their patch on it. Write a short touchy message by adding an outer layer, and it will absolutely make them feel proud and honored of what they are doing. It’s up to you how you want the plaque to look like but the fact that you remember to give them a unique personalized plaque is more than enough.

We can help you customize your plaque if you would like to. Talk to us now and make your order!

To customize a plaque, click here https://www.militaryplaques.com/military-plaque-custom-made

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