HMH 363 Surfs Up Cruise Plaque

deployment marine plaque

Navy Cruise Plaques and Greenie Boards customized at no extra charge!
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maximum upload file size : 64M
maximum upload file size : 64M

Surf's up for the marines who will fight for the country! Customize a deployment plaque with us. Each name of the marine going away will be perfectly hand-carved in the plaque. You can also choose the design that you want with no artwork-set up fee! 

HMH 363 Surfs Up Cruise is an example of deployment or plankowner plaque. Typical size for this kind of plaque is 16" diameter and larger. When ordering it is necessary to send us the detailed instruction if the draft mock up design is not available. The list of names in MsWord Format is also necessary to make sure the plaque design is suitable to the size required. All deployment and plankowners plaque is made of mahogany wood with details carved in the wood in 3D relief and painted in full color or as specified.

No minimum orders required and it's a free standard shipping. Have your plaques done with us!

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