Tucson Fire Department Badge Plaque

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Firefighter Plaques customized at no extra charge!
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$119.95 each
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We can recreate your firefighter badges and turn them into great wall or podium plaques!

The role of Tucson Fire Department is to bring safety to the lives of the citizens and property of Tucson from natural, man-made hazards, and other hazards that may harm the people through education, awareness, and active prevention. This badge plaque we made for the Tucson Fire Department is hand-crafted in superb 3D detail and hand-finished in metallic silver. It is perfect to be given out as a gift or award during retirement, promotion, and recognition party.

Each badge plaque we make is made of 100% mahogany that is free from warping and twisting. It looks great on walls or podiums because of its 3D relief. If you want to make it more personalized, you can add names or any dedication text you want the recipient to see engraved on the plaque.

We value your appreciation to our firefighters that’s why we only produce the plaques they deserved.

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