New York Engine 91 Batt. 25 Custom-Made Firefighter Plaque

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Firefighter Plaques customized at no extra charge!
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$119.95 each
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maximum upload file size : 64M

This plaque is made from the finest mahogany handcrafted perfect to be given out in retirement ceremonies. Want to add some spice to your wall? This custom-made seal plaque is perfect for you. This unique wooden plaque carved in 3D relief that will surely be loved from whoever people may see it. We don’t use fake wood on our plaques but instead we use only the highest quality mahogany for years and our clients always love it.

Customize your own without hassle just send us the image of your desired plaque at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or customize your own here at You can select your desired shape, designs, size, and even the color of the plaque. Don’t worry because we based our price from the size of the plaque regardless of the designs.

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