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American Plaque company is a US Veteran Owned Business licenced to manufacture plaques, seal, nameplate and shadow boxes for the US military and government.  For 25 years we have been helping our customers in the military, government, police, firefighters and individuals design custom wood plaques.  We are able to produce any plaque of any size.  Plaques can be for presentations, retirements or awards.

The American Plaque company manufactures all its products at our own workop. We do outsource any workso you can be assured of the quality of our products.  By custom making everitem ordered we are able to match your exact specifications and guarantee the quality and delivery schedule.

Help and Advice for Plaque Dedications

MilitaryPlaques.Com specializes in custom one off plaque design. Each plaque has a special significance to the person who is presenting it and those receiving it.  We can help with the design of your gift and the wording of your dedication.  Whether it's for DTS, going away or an award for service to our country our staff are on hand to help you.

Examples of Wording for Presentation Plaques
How to Word your Plaques Dedication

Celebrate Excellence. Honor Outstanding Service.


MilitaryPlaques.Com’s Deployment, Cruise and Plankowner plaques are custom handmade from solid, mahogany wood that is kiln dried at our own workshop making sure no warping will occur. All emblems, insignias, logos and lettering are hand carved and hand painted in wood – we do not use colored tin plate, plastic, or laser etching. In addition, all plaques are covered by our “no-nonsense warranty” and replacement policy.


All pricing includes US Ground or APO delivery!

We are a company that has been successful through supplying world class plaques to the US President to family members for 25 years.  However, we realize that price is important.  Therefore we have made ever effort to make sure that you know what you are paying for.  All our items come with free design, consultation on wording/dedications and free standard delivery.  You only pay more if you need a bigger plaque!  Talk to us now and start having you design turned in to a plaque fir for your office or den!


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The Pentagon Podium Plaque

Pentagon Plaque

From $97.95 including US Standard Delivery

  • Plaque of the Pentagon Seal
  • Available at ANY size!
  • Hand Carved from Solid Mahogany, Hand Painted & Hand Finished
  • Over 1" in depth with superbly detailed carving
  • Purchase direct from the manufacturer

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The Pentagon is the Headquarters of the U. S. Department of Defense

The Pentagon was dedicated on January 15, 1943 and it is the world's largest office building. Those who work within its walls often simply call it "the Building" or "Fort Fumble." The term "the Pentagon" is often used to refer to the Department of Defense, rather than the building itself. The building, located in Arlington County, Virginia is pentagon-shaped in plan and houses approximately 23,000 military and civilian employees and about 3,000 non-defense support personnel, making it the highest-capacity low-rise office building in the world. It has five floors above ground (and two basement levels) and each floor has five ring corridors. Its unusual shape results from the fact that its originally intended site, Arlington Farms, was surrounded by five roads. Franklin D. Roosevelt had it moved to its current location because he didn't want the new building to obstruct the view of Washington D.C. from Arlington Cemetery.

The United States Department of Defense, abbreviated as DoD or DOD and sometimes called the Defense Department, is a civilian Cabinet organization of the United States government. The Department of Defense controls the U. S. military and is headquartered at The Pentagon. It is headed by the Secretary of Defense,

The Department of Defense is based in The Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia outside Washington, DC, across the Potomac River. It was created by combining the War Department (founded in 1789) with the Navy Department (founded in 1798; formerly the Board of Admiralty, founded in 1780), and the newly created Department of the Air Force. The department was formed in order to reduce inter service rivalry which was believed to have reduced military effectiveness during World War II.

The Pentagon Plaque for Wall Hanging or Podiums

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  • Estimated time of arrival experts - we meet or  beat shipping deadlines.
  • We ship to  APO & FPO addresses for no extra  charge
  • Our team of design and sales experts are  waiting to assist you with any questions you may have. 
  • Dedication and service orientated personnel have resulted in a large customer base which regularly reuse our services.
  • Our factory is owned 100% by American Plaque Company which ensures not only complete control over quality control, but also total flexibly of design.
  • Only the finest mahogany is used, which is kiln dried and treated to assure no warping or twisting.
  • Our graphic artists and design team is based in the factory for close monitoring of products.