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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency/DARPA is driven with its mission on protecting the country through the development of technology relevant for national security.

One great way to enhance your office is to add a beautiful plaque showing the seal or emblem of your department or agency. This DARPA seal plaque is perfect to display on walls or hallways or where people can easily be amazed and lead their way to the right office.

Each Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency/DARPA wall plaque is hand carved from solid mahogany then hand painted and finished. Plaques like this one are not just for offices but these can also be given out to retirees or outstanding members of the organization and these can be fantastic additions to any military collection. You can customize each plaque, for an instance if you’re giving it as a special award, we can add another outer layer to put some dedication text or anything that you may like. A recessed hook is attached so you can be able to hang the plaque against any wall.

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