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New York State Police Seal Plaque

$155.95 each

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A police department seal plaque displayed inside your office or headquarters is a great way to show your pride and honor to your service. You can assure that people who visit your police department will look at it especially if it was made by Military Plaques.

Each police department seal plaques we produce is made of 100% mahogany that is free from warping making your plaque lasts for years. The details of the plaque superbly handcrafted from carving to finishing in 3-dimensional wood with a standard thickness 3 quarters of an inch.

You can’t find your police department seal in our collection of police plaques? No problem because you can absolutely send us the photo of your seal or emblem and we’ll do it for you. If you want it to be customize, then tell us your specifications and our graphic artists will help you get a mock-up design.

Make a unique representation of your police department, get a seal wall plaque or podium plaque. Order now!