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Boynton Beach Police Department Chief Plaque

$155.95 each

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The Boynton Beach Police Department serves to provide effective, efficient and impartial police services to the community. That why the chief of this police department and the police officers under him or her deserve to get a beautifully handcrafted plaque that signifies how great they do their service.

This plaque we made for the chief is in dominant gold metallic finish with the seal of the State of Florida in the center and a “chief” wording is engraved. The police department’s name is carved in the outer layer giving the plaque great looks when hung or displayed on walls.

You can make this plaque more special by adding it to your gift ideas if you’re planning to surprise a police friend or relative in the service during their promotion, recognition, or retirement ceremonies. You can also add a dedication wording to tell them your appreciation message or any text that you make like to say.

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