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Bath Canandaigua New York Chief Police Plaque

$155.95 each

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maximum upload file size : 128M
maximum upload file size : 128M

You can absolutely customize the plaque you want to order with the design you want!

If you want to put emblems or seals or any image, we can perfectly carve it on your plaque. Do you want your plaque in round shape, or rectangular one? Or you want us to follow the shape of your plaque with your own cut out? It is all possible! You can exactly get the plaque of your dreams.

Be inspired by this retirement plaque we made for the Chief of Police in Bath-Canandaigua New York! The plaque also has the two police badges of Department of Veterans Affairs. The plaque is hand-carved and hand-painted in full detail and full color.

Do you have a friend, relative, or loved one retiring in service? We can help you make the perfect retirement plaque that you can give them. Send your custom design plaque and order now!