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Presidential Helicopter Squadron HMX 1 Plaque

$155.95 each

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The Presidential Helicopter Squadron HMX 1 is part of the US Marine Corps squadron responsible for the direct support of transportation of the President, Vice President and other important personnel.

You can get a unique plaque for your helicopter squadron like this seal plaque we made for the Presidential Helicopter Squadron HMX-1. It is made of 100% mahogany and is hand-carved then hand-painted. Every detail of the seal is engraved on the plaque in 3D relief which gives life to it when hung or displayed.

Yes, you can customize this plaque, too! We can add another layer for names or additional dedication wording if you like. Or we can finish it in gold or silver for a more antique and vintage look. We can also make a desk nameplate for you and make the seal your top design. We can do anything you can imagine on your plaque.

This custom-made wooden seal plaque is perfect retirement or recognition gift or award and fits to be added to your collection. Personalized your seal plaques, and order now!