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Alaska State Seal Plaque

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The Seal of the State of Alaska

The Alaska State Seal was first adopted before statehood, when the area was known as the District of Alaska. The first governor designated a seal of the district, which featured glaciers, northern lights, igloos, and an Eskimo ice fishing. In 1910, this seal was replaced with a design more representative of the state's industrial and natural wealth. Today's seal contains rays above the mountains that represent the famous Alaskan northern lights. The smelter symbolizes mining; the train stands for Alaska's railroads; and ships denote transportation by sea. The trees pictured in the seal symbolize the state's wealth of timber, and the farmer, his horse, and the three shocks of wheat stand for Alaskan agriculture. The fish and the seals signify the importance of fishing and seal rookeries to Alaska's economy.

This is the wooden plaque we made for the State of Alaska, perfect for a wall or podium plaque. It is made from the finest quality of mahogany. The plaques that we make are hand-carved and hand-painted. You can also have a plaque for your state! Send us your specifications and we will make it for you.

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