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US Presidential Seal Podium Plaque

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The official seal of the US President is often seen on media like television and newspaper because it is always present on events, speeches, news conference, or where the President appears so people will recognize the symbol of US presidency. You can also see the seal on official documents published under the president’s name as well as on the President limousine, Air Force one airplane, and Marine one.

That’s why was proud to supply the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum with its Seal of the President of the United States Plaque. The seal plaque is made of 100% mahogany and is hand-carved and hand-painted in full detail following the design of the official seal. The presidential seal plaque is hung at the entrance hall of the library and makes everyone who enters and stares at the plaque worth their while.

MilitaryPlaques supplied George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum Presidential Plaque

MilitaryPlaques US Presidential Plaque on display at the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum

The US President seal plaque is also perfect to hang on podiums and walls or display in your library, den or office. The plaque can be added as a fantastic addition to any presidential collection and makes a perfect gift item.

You can also customize the plaque by adding another layer for dedication wording. The size of the plaque can also be changed based on your specifications.

From seals into plaques! MilitaryPlaques.Com can create a replica of any seals, emblems, and patches made from solid mahogany wood.  Careful attention to details is guaranteed!

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