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USCG Sector Ohio Valley Seal Plaque

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USCG Sector Ohio Valley

This plaque shows the seal of USCG Sector Ohio Valley.

This item is made from solid mahogany wood. This plaque is handmade from carving,painting and finishing. This personalized item is a great memorabilia for USCG Sector Ohio Valley personnels. Grab one now and start your Military collection! Recessed hook enables the plaque to hang flush against any wall

Sector Ohio Valley : Sector Ohio Valley has an area of responsibility that ranges from the eastern portion of Missouri to the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, and from northern Alabama to Ohio.Sector Ohio Valley maintains more than 8,000 miles of waterways with the support of their outlying units which include: six inland buoy tenders, three marine safety units, two marine safety detachments, five shore-side support detachments and nine small boats throughout the sector.

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