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3rd Armored Division Spearhead Patch Plaque

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US Army 3rd Armored Division Patch Plaque

This solid mahogany wall plaque shows the 3rd Armored Division Patch

This 3rd Armored Division patch wall plaque is hand carved from solid mahogany then hand painted and finished. Fantastic additions to any military collection. Great military retirement gift, military graduation gift, or military recognition awards. Recessed hook enables the plaque to hang flush against any wall. 3rd Armored Division: Nicknamed the Spearhead Division, was an armored division of the United States Army. The division was first activated in 1941 and was a key participant in the European Theater of World War II, the division was stationed in Germany for much of the Cold War, and participated in the Persian Gulf War. As of 2006, its strength is officially zero, but it is not inactive. Of the fifteen U.S.armored divisions in Europe in World War II, the 3AD saw the most combat, inflicted the most damage, and took the most casualties. During the Cold War, the 3rd Armored Division was NATO's primary point-guard for the Fulda Gap in West Germany. In 1990-91, the 3rd Armored Division saw action in the Persian Gulf War as a lead element of the U.S. 7th Corps. Shortly after the Gulf War, the 3d Armored Division was deactivated as part of a general drawing down of forces at the end of the Cold War

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