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Air Force Plaques

MilitaryPlaques.Com (American Plaque Co) is a confirmed Certified Manufacturer for USAF plaques. (

What a unique gift for our US airmen! We have made hundreds of USAF air force plaques over the years — whether it be an Air Force Squadron Plaque or a USAF Presentation Plaque! We can customize the US Air Force plaque that you want. Choose the design that you want and we will do it at no extra cost. There are no set up fees and no minimum order. Just choose the size you want for your plaque.

Each plaque is hand carved in mahogany wood and is hand finished and painted.

The American Plaque Company is based in Indianapolis and is an official USAF and USMC Licensee Manufacturer.  We are also a fully registered and recognized Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). We have supplied many 1,000's of individually hand-crafted military seals during our nearly 25 years of operation. Whilst the majority of our products are delivered to the Army, Air Force, and Navy directly we have built up many strong relationships with military contractors and business supplying military bases throughout the USA and the overseas.

We have no set size or any pre-conditions on ordering our plaques.  The pricing is set dependent on the diameter.  After that there's no further charges.  

Why order from MilitaryPlaques.Com?  Here's why: 

  • VOSB
  • No Setup Fees / No Minimum Orders
  • On-time delivery 99.8%
  • 100% Customer approved prior to shipping
  • Over 365 Years Experience in our Artist Dept.
  • Over 150 Years Experience in our Carving Dept.
  • Over 75 years Government contracting experience
  • D&B Overall Performance Rating 96%
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$155.95 each Air Force Symbol Wall Plaque
$155.95 each 10th Air Base Wing
$155.95 each 314th Airlift Wing Plaque
$155.95 each Volanti Seal Plaque
$155.95 each 15th AMU Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 16 AMXS Squadron Plaque
$148.95 each USAF 950032 Tail Flash
$155.95 each 177th Fighter Wing
$155.95 each 189th Airlift Wing Plaque
$155.95 each 19th Airlift Wing Plaque
$155.95 each 27 ISS
$155.95 each 27 SOSFS The Protectors
$155.95 each 304th Rescue Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 305th Rescue Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 307th Fighter Squadron Patch
$155.95 each 343d Recon Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 35 MXS Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 354th Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 35th Communications Squadron
$155.95 each 35th Fighter Wing
$155.95 each 373D Intelligence Group
$155.95 each 373D ISr Group Seal Plaque
$155.95 each 379 August Seal Plaque
$155.95 each 434th Wing
$155.95 each 434th Wing Seal Plaque
$155.95 each 46 AMXS Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 49th Fighter Wing Crest
$155.95 each 49th Medical Group Crest
$155.95 each 4th Air Sup OPS Group
$155.95 each 4th AMXS Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 4th CMS Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 4th EMS Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 4th LRS Seal Plaque
$155.95 each 4th MOS Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 514th MSG Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 55th Fighter Squadron Patch
$155.95 each 57th Operations Group
$155.95 each 57th Wing
$155.95 each 62nd Fighter Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 63rd Fighter Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each 659th ISR GROUP
$155.95 each 943 OSF Patch Plaque
$155.95 each 943d OSF Squadron Plaque
$155.95 each AFOATS Crest Plaque
$155.95 each AFROTC Detachment 675
$155.95 each Air Force ROTC Crest Plaque
$155.95 each Air Force ROTC Seal Plaque
$155.95 each Air Mobility Command Plaque
$155.95 each Air National Guard Plaque
$155.95 each Air Power 717th ESOS Plaque
$155.95 each Air University Crest Plaque
$155.95 each Base Honor Guard Seal Plaque
$155.95 each Boom Operator Seal Plaque
$155.95 each CADRE Crest Plaque
$155.95 each CCATT Seal Plaque
$155.95 each Conus Norad Seal Plaque
$155.95 each ECPD Crest Plaque
$155.95 each HM 15 Plaque
$155.95 each LSP CIU Seal Plaque
$155.95 each MC-130H Squadron Plaque
$207.95 each Military Retirement Plaque
$155.95 each PME Seal Plaque
$155.95 each Third Air Force Crest Plaque
$155.95 each US Air Force TACP Plaque
$155.95 each USAF 60th Anniversary Plaque
$155.95 each USAF Air Force Space Command
$155.95 each USAF Air Ground Power Plaque
$155.95 each USAF Burns Bulldog
$155.95 each USAF ISR Agency
$155.95 each USAF Pacific Command Plaque
$155.95 each USAF Research Laboratory
$155.95 each USAF Sere Seal Plaque
$155.95 each Warhawks Seal Plaque
$110.95 each AF Pluto's Avenger
$155.95 each POW MIA Commemorative Plaque
$188.95 each Aviator Wings Master
$188.95 each Air Force Senior Pilot Wings
$155.95 each USAF Navigator Badge
$256.95 each Airman's Creed Plaque
$155.95 each US Space Force USSF Seal
Results 1 - 214 of 214

Company Data

American Plaque Company

PO Box 68 Mishawaka, IN 46544

Government Point of Contact

Name: John Morgan

Contact No: 574-807-0026


Toll Free: 1-800-313-1876

Tel: 574-968-3856

Fax: 419-828-5068 (EFAX)

Email: [email protected]

Legal Business Name: American Plaque Company

Federal Tax ID: 27-2920261

DUNS: 963256842


NAICS Codes321211, 321999, 337211, 337215, 339950

PSC Codes: 7110, 8455, 9905, 9999

FSC Codes: 8455, 9905