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Air Force Plaques

MilitaryPlaques.Com (American Plaque Co) is a confirmed Certified Manufacturer for USAF plaques. (

What a unique gift for our US airmen! We have made hundreds of USAF air force plaques over the years — whether it be an Air Force Squadron Plaque or a USAF Presentation Plaque! We can customize the US Air Force plaque that you want. Choose the design that you want and we will do it at no extra cost. There are no set up fees and no minimum order. Just choose the size you want for your plaque.

Each plaque is hand carved in mahogany wood and is hand finished and painted.

The American Plaque Company is based in Indianapolis and is an official USAF and USMC Licensee Manufacturer.  We are also a fully registered and recognized Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). We have supplied many 1,000's of individually hand-crafted military seals during our nearly 25 years of operation. Whilst the majority of our products are delivered to the Army, Air Force, and Navy directly we have built up many strong relationships with military contractors and business supplying military bases throughout the USA and the overseas.

We have no set size or any pre-conditions on ordering our plaques.  The pricing is set dependent on the diameter.  After that there's no further charges.  

Why order from MilitaryPlaques.Com?  Here's why: 

  • VOSB
  • No Setup Fees / No Minimum Orders
  • On-time delivery 99.8%
  • 100% Customer approved prior to shipping
  • Over 365 Years Experience in our Artist Dept.
  • Over 150 Years Experience in our Carving Dept.
  • Over 75 years Government contracting experience
  • D&B Overall Performance Rating 96%