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Fire Chief Desk Name Plate

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Fire Chief Nameplate for Firefighters

A fire chief is usually appointed by the authority who oversees the running of the fire department, such as the mayor for a municipal fire department.

Fire chiefs are usually former frontline firefighters.

A fire chief is a firefighter who has accumulated the education, training and experience needed to advance through the ranks. Working with other emergency response leaders, a fire chief helps coordinate fire control, rescue, hazardous material clean-up and medical treatment efforts. A fire chief uses his or her experience in fire protection and prevention to direct the response of firefighters to limit damage, danger and loss of life. He or she also enforces municipal fire codes and ensures public safety by inspecting fire alarm and protection systems in existing and new construction.

Although a fire chief does perform firefighting, rescue and medical response services, he or she is primarily an administrator. The fire chief schedules and assigns duties to firefighters, trains and drills them in firefighting and rescue techniques, evaluates their performance and oversees their advancement. The chief also monitors the care and maintenance of the fire station and all equipment, submits requests for new acquisitions and works with fire department budgets. He or she makes sure firefighters follow established policies and procedures by keeping records and reports of all fire response actions.

Please input name, base inscription wording, and upload the image files above. Indicate in the COMMENTS the file names for the left and right emblems OR if you require Rank Pin Cushions. 1) LEFT of name: Emblem/logo/rank pin cushion 2) RIGHT of name: Emblem/logo/rank pin cushion.

Remember, there's - no extra cost for custom nameplates!

The desknameplate's approximate dimensions are: Width: 16" Height: 7" Depth: 3".

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