Presidential Seal Plaque

The Seal of the President of the USA
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Military Plaques manufactures US President Seal podium and wall plaque priced from $97.95 with FREE standard delivery.

You will have seen our Presidential Seal plaques at the White House, or on TV when the President gives a speech or in some of Holly wood's greatest blockbuster movies.  

The one on the left is a 36" diameter plaque produced for the President George Bush Library back in 2006.  This hangs in the main exhibition area taking pride of place in the library.  We look forward to perhaps helping President Obama with his Library fit out!

  • Available from 10" diameter upwards
  • Over 1" in depth with superbly detailed carving
  • Hand Crafted from high quality wood
  • FREE standard shipping

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The White House Plaque

The White House Plaque
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The White house press room wall plaque is hand carved, painted and finished from solid mahogany wood. Great government retirement gift. Perfect addition to any government display collection.

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Seal of the President of the United States Plaque

Presidential Seal Plaque

The Seal of the President of the United States is based on the Great Seal of the United States.

The first Presidential Seal was made for Rutherford B. Hayes; in 1880. On October 26, 1945, Harry S. Truman had the seal redesigned adding the circle of stars and re-orienting the eagle towards its own right, the side with the olive branch, thus symbolizing that the United States favors peace while being willing to engage in war. This also made the seal consistent with long-established heraldry custom, as the right is considered the side of honor. Additional stars have been added to the seal as other states have joined the Union. The last additional star, the 50th, was added with the admission of Hawaii in 1959.

The Presidential Seal is most often seen on the podium at presidential press conferences, on the sides of Air Force One and Marine One, and on White House documents.

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