Marines Corps Plaques   

Example of custom made USMC Marine corps wall plaque

USMC Plaques Custom Designed and Made to Order

We can make your custom designed USMC wall plaque to order.  These can be based on the designs you see here or totally from scratch.  Send us your US Marine Corps custom design and we'll carve and paint the plaque for you in our own workshop. There's no extra fees for custom work.

No set up charges - No artwork charges - No minimum order quantity.

To view recently made and delivered Marine Corps plaques, view our gallery here: Examples US Marine Corps Plaques

Priced from $97.95 including artwork design, set up and standard delivery.

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Marine Corps Wing Support Group Plaque
Marine Wing
Support Group Plaque
Marine Corps Presentation Plaque
Marine Security Guard Detachment Plaque
Marine Expeditionary Force Plaque
Marine Expeditionary
Force Plaque
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USMC Wall Plaque

Official Marine Corps Seal Plaque

We supply these plaques to the US Marine Corp throughout the USA and to their deplyments worldwide.  

The US Marine Corps seal is carved in full 3D! The globe section of the plaque stands approximately 1.5" up from the surface of the plaque. Compare this to the flat, cheap, poor quality plaques found on non-US owned websites and you will see why our plaques are supplied to more USMC units than any others.

Priced from  $97.95 including standard delivery.

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Marine Security Group Baghdad Plaque

USMC Dedication Plaque

These are examples of a US Marines Dedication Plaque suitable for Duty Transfer, citations and end of service ceremonies. Each plaque's dedication or wording are individually carved at no additional cost. Call Toll Free 1-800 313 1876 to discuss your requirements We Accept Custom Orders - No Artwork Set Up Fees! 

We can make your USMC Dedication plaque to order.

Priced from $63.95 including artwork design, set up and standard delivery. 

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USMC Deployment Plaque

Marine Corps Unit Deployment Plaques

MilitaryPlaques.Com has designed and manufactured hundreds of USMC Deployment Plaques. The US Marine Corps chooces MilitaryPlaques.Com for its quality workmanship, no deposit required policy and i's delivery schedule. Check out more details here: US Marine Corps Deployment plaques

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USMC Unit Plaque

Marine Corps Unit Plaque

Looking for your Marine Corps Unit's Plaque? With thousands of USMC Plaques completed over the years we may have your Unit's or Battalion's logo artwork on file for expedited delivery. Each MilitaryPlaques.Com wall plaque is made from solid mahogany, hand carved, hand painted and finished. It can also be a fantastic addition to any military collection. It is also a great military retirement gift, military graduation gift, or military recognition awards. A recessed hook enables the plaque to hang flush against any wall.

We can make your USMC Unit plaque to order.

Priced from $63.95 including artwork design, set up and standard delivery.

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USMC Presentation Plaque

USMC Seal on Traditional Plaque

The Marine Corps seal show the EGA (Eagle, Globe and Anchor) and is carved in full 3D detail with the globe raised from the plaque's surface. The plaque can be supplied as shown or with a free carved and painted dedication. You also have the option of the dedication etched on a brass plate for a small extra fee.

Priced from $63.95 including standard delivery.

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USMC Veteran Plaque

Marine Corps Veterans Plaque

USMC veterans plaques service - We can do the research on re-creating lost or damaged plaques or design a new plaque for you. There's no charge for the design, set up and artwork for these plaques.

Priced from $63.95 including standard delivery.

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EGA Painted Plaque

USMC EGA - Eagle, Globe & Anchor Plaque 

The USMC EGA plaque is available on two designs both with painted or natural mahogany wood finish. The Eagle, Globe & Anchor or EGA, is the official emblem of the Marine Corps. The eagle symbolizes the proud nation they defend. The globe represents its worldwide presence, and the anchor points to the Marine Corps’ naval heritage and its power to access all coastlines in the world.

This Marine plaque is made at our own workshop from solid mahogany wood carved by skilled craftmens. Click below to see larger images of the EGA plaque.

Priced from $128.00 including standard delivery.

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EGA Natural Wood Plaque

USMC Insignia Plaque in Natural Wood Finish

This USMC Insignia plaque is in natural wood finish. Kiln dried to prevent warping and carved from 100% mahogany wood. This plaque lasts for a lifetime. It is ideal as a gift for a USMC service man or woman, office decoration, or presentation plaque. 

Priced from $96.95 including standard delivery.

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