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Tuesday, 13 February 2018 20:40

Military Plaques that the US Army deserve

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Honor our brave men and women who are serving the US Army. They make sacrifices to fight for our freedom at home and abroad. Think of all the missed birthdays, graduations, holidays and other big moments. Truly, we cannot repay their efforts, but we should show them our gratitude.

Here at we create different kind of plaques, each are hand-carved and painted from the finest mahogany wood. These are the plaques that we have:

US Army Retirement Plaque

A customized military plaque is heartfelt gift for retiring soldiers. The retirement plaque will represent their love and pride in serving the country. Design it the way you want it to be, but usually, retirement plaques have the soldier’s name, the years he or she served and a quotation.  

US Army Awards Plaque

When it comes to awarding a soldier in your troop, do not just give them a plaque that is made of plastic. Instead, here are awards plaque from and these plaques are made from mahogany wood — hand-carved and painted.

US Army Dedication Plaque

Show your appreciation to your soldier today through a dedication plaque. Get them this hand-made wooden plaque and express your gratitude. Have their name, date and organization name carved on the plaque; then put in a few words of appreciation to be carved on the dedication plaque, or you can put the favorite quotation of your soldier.

US Army Presentation Plaque

Have your presentation plaques personalized with us, send us the design that you want — the name, date and emblem will be hand-carved in mahogany wood. We will custom your presentation plaque according to your specifications.

US Army Seal Plaque

We also handcraft seal plaques of any size and shape. Just send us your emblem and we will carve it according to what you want. This seal plaques are ideal for wall and podium displays. Show your emblem through this great wooden seal plaque with pride.

US Army Deployment Plaque

Honor the soldiers in your troop who are going away for deployment. Get them a deployment plaque made form the finest mahogany wood. You can put their squadron number in the deployment plaque along with all their names.

US Army Perpetual Plaques

Acknowledge your soldiers with a perpetual plaque that has their names carved on it. The men and women in service will be happy to be recognized. Customize your perpetual plaques with us, tell us your specifications and we will do it accordingly.

US Army Patches and Badges

We can turn your military patches and badges into a plaque! Display that patch through a wooden seal, hand-carved from solid mahogany wood. We do a plaque of any size.

US Army Wings and Insignia

Your wings and insignia can become a plaque now. Just send us a photo of the insignia and choose the wing design that you want and we will make it come true. Our plaques are all hand-carved and hand-painted.

US Army Memorial Plaque

To commemorate a brave soldier’s passing, get this memorial plaque to appreciate their sacrifice in battle.


We have more items in our website, we also have shadow boxes and desk name plates. With, you can personalize a plaque; choose the design, shape, color and size that you want because we have NO ARTWORK SET-UP FEES. It is also a free standard shipping delivery and no minimum orders. Get a plaque for your soldiers now.

Thursday, 15 February 2018 03:19

Why do you need a desk nameplate

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Are you in the military? Or government? Or any office or agency? Whoever you are, you deserve a high-quality desk nameplate displayed on your table or desk!

Why do you need a desk nameplate?

For identification

Desk nameplates perfectly show one’s identification in his or her office, department, unit, or agency. Whenever people visit or enter your office, they’ll easily find out if you’re the one they’re looking for or not. You don’t need to brag about your position because, hey, your desk nameplate will do it for you!

Military Plaques are known for bringing the highest quality, professional desk nameplates to military units and department, and government offices and agencies. You can put your names and titles in any font style and color you wish.

For ownership

If you’re a businessman or an owner of a company or establishment, you should consider having a classy desk nameplate. A desk nameplate displayed on your table is simply a professional way of telling your staffs that you deserve their respect and loyalty!

Military Plaques had produce different styles of desk nameplates over the decades to different companies and organization – you can check out the gallery for our wide selection of samples that we made for years. You can be creative on putting your names and titles on your desk nameplate, too like you can put your screen name or the name your staffs and employee called you. You can also put on the top of the desk nameplate like for example the mascot of your fast food restaurant or the most buy products on your business. Military Plaques can do that all!

For motivation

Desk nameplates are great in giving out to employees or staffs, or military men and women, or government officials, or police and firefighters officers who consistently shows dedication in service. A stylish desk nameplate is a perfect motivation for those who have been promoted to higher position or ranks or recognize as an employee of the year or sailor of the quarter.

Here at Military Plaques, we appreciate the hard work of everyone in the service that’s why we only produce the highest quality desk nameplates that absolutely perfect for anyone! We can customize according to the personality of your employees. If they like it to be modern or classic, professional or casual, just tell us and Military Plaques will bring the best desk nameplates for you!

For a new desk nameplate

Are you tired of looking at your old desk nameplates? Do you have a new design in mind you want to see on your desk? It’s your time to personalize your own desk nameplate! If you have a friend worrying about it too, you can personalize something for him or her or recommend to them the idea.

Military Plaques will make your life easier with our highest quality desk nameplates! Our desk nameplates are handcrafted from carving to finish. Each desk nameplate is made from the finest quality mahogany wood that lasts a lifetime without warping.

There are a lot of different designs of desk nameplates that you can find in our gallery. But don’t worry, if you can’t find the design you want, you can freely customize your own with the help of our artists. You can choose the font colors and font styles of the names and titles on your desk nameplates. You can also personalize a design at the top of the desk nameplates like for example, you can put your pet’s image or your favorite food image. You can also add a quote or description if you want. Plus, you can choose two (2) carved emblems, or two (2) velvet pins, or one of each.

Aside from desk nameplates, Military Plaques also offer plaques and shadow boxes that you can hang or display on your walls or podiums.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and order a personalized plaque, shadow box, or desk nameplate for you and/or for your friends!

Monday, 29 January 2018 03:34

Learn from the veterans!

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Do you have relatives or friends serving the country? You should be proud and be grateful for their service. We have a lot of reasons to thank them, especially when they are retiring.

There are things that we can learn from our veterans:


Respect begets respect. Respect is one thing that veterans have learned in the service. Let’s take this from them; and learn to respect the people around us. We do not need to be in the military to learn this trait, but the people in service are the best example to look up to when it comes to respect.


Discipline is something very important in the military service. They have been disciplined from waking up in the morning, eating, training and of course in battle. Discipline is taken seriously, and the veterans know that very well. Rules are rules, obey if you do not want to get into trouble. Let us learn from them, getting in trouble is definitely not a good thing to happen.


Accountability is taking the full responsibility of your actions no matter what may happen. In the military, your actions are vital — it could either lead to a recognition or punishment. But our soldiers have learned to be accountable for what they do, so whatever it may be, they are bold enough to face consequences for every action they do.


The dedication of our veterans is incomparable. They fought for our freedom. Even after their service, they are still there to inspire others.

Thus, we should thank our veterans and make them feel out gratitude! But how?



These plaques are perfect for someone who is retiring from the military. Why a plaque? Plaques are a great way to show their honor and pride in serving the military.

These military plaques can help you express your sincere gratitude for someone who is retiring from the military and is going to be a veteran.

We also have other products such as shadow boxes and desk nameplates, check out our website!


Monday, 15 January 2018 02:47

Veterans, thank you for your service!

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Looking for ways to appreciate and thank the people who served the military? Give them a wooden plaque with their name engraved on it, or a shadow box that is had carved and hand painted!

But hey, this is not just for veterans, why not give it to a person who is currently in service. Here are the choices you have:

The people in service have given so much to protect the country. Sending a card or letter to a deployed soldier? Here are some tips for you so you will not be uneasy and unsure with what you are writing.

Monday, 15 January 2018 02:31

How to throw a military retirement party

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What is a military retirement party supposed to be like? What food is expected? Who are you going to invite? How do you even start to pull it off? These are probably the question you are asking right now while you’re planning to throw a military retirement party.