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31 July

Military Plaques that the US Army Men and Women deserve

Honor our brave men and women who are serving the US Army. They make sacrifices to fight for our freedom at home and abroad. Think of all the missed birthdays, graduations, holidays and other big moments. Truly, we cannot repay their efforts, but we should show them our gratitude.

Here at MilitaryPlaques.com we create different kind of plaques, each are hand-carved and painted from the finest mahogany wood. These are the plaques that we have:

US Army Retirement Plaque

A customized military plaque is heartfelt gift for retiring soldiers. The retirement plaque will represent their love and pride in serving the country. Design it the way you want it to be, but usually, retirement plaques have the soldier’s name, the years he or she served and a quotation.  

US Army Awards Plaque

When it comes to awarding a soldier in your troop, do not just give them a plaque that is made of plastic. Instead, here are awards plaque from MilitaryPlaques.com and these plaques are made from mahogany wood — hand-carved and painted.

US Army Dedication Plaque

Show your appreciation to your soldier today through a dedication plaque. Get them this hand-made wooden plaque and express your gratitude. Have their name, date and organization name carved on the plaque; then put in a few words of appreciation to be carved on the dedication plaque, or you can put the favorite quotation of your soldier.

US Army Presentation Plaque

Have your presentation plaques personalized with us, send us the design that you want — the name, date and emblem will be hand-carved in mahogany wood. We will custom your presentation plaque according to your specifications.

US Army Seal Plaque

We also handcraft seal plaques of any size and shape. Just send us your emblem and we will carve it according to what you want. This seal plaques are ideal for wall and podium displays. Show your emblem through this great wooden seal plaque with pride.

US Army Deployment Plaque

Honor the soldiers in your troop who are going away for deployment. Get them a deployment plaque made form the finest mahogany wood. You can put their squadron number in the deployment plaque along with all their names.

US Army Perpetual Plaques

Acknowledge your soldiers with a perpetual plaque that has their names carved on it. The men and women in service will be happy to be recognized. Customize your perpetual plaques with us, tell us your specifications and we will do it accordingly.

US Army Patches and Badges

We can turn your military patches and badges into a plaque! Display that patch through a wooden seal, hand-carved from solid mahogany wood. We do a plaque of any size.

US Army Wings and Insignia

Your wings and insignia can become a plaque now. Just send us a photo of the insignia and choose the wing design that you want and we will make it come true. Our plaques are all hand-carved and hand-painted.

US Army Memorial Plaque

To commemorate a brave soldier’s passing, get this memorial plaque to appreciate their sacrifice in battle.


We have more items in our website, we also have shadow boxes and desk name plates. With MilitaryPlaques.com, you can personalize a plaque; choose the design, shape, color and size that you want because we have NO ARTWORK SET-UP FEES. It is also a free standard shipping delivery and no minimum orders. Get a plaque for your soldiers now.

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