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Wording for Dedication and Going Away Plaque

Military Dedication Plaque Examples
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Your Questions Answered: Wording for Dedication & Going Away Plaques

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Giving a unique and custom design plaque to someone who serves in the military or government is a great one but coming up with a dedication wording is another thing.

When you happen to think ways on how to show gratitude or appreciation to military personnel or to those agencies, units, departments, or organizations who have done exceptional service, a dedication plaque always stands out to be given as gifts or awards.

A meaningful dedication wording adds to the value and uniqueness of the plaque.

To come up with a simple yet remarkable wording is not as easy as it may seem. Your message needs to be sincere and truly made for the one you want to honor with the plaque and it doesn’t sound like you’re only doing it for the sake of giving a gift. The first thing you should consider is that the wording should be coming from your heart.

However, there are no concrete guidelines on how to write a dedication text on a military dedication plaque, but as we have been writing and making military dedication and going away plaques for over 20 years, let us give you advice on what and how to write a dedication for a plaque!

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Here are the basic elements of a dedication plaque or PCS plaque and a helpful guideline to make the wording and design of your Dedication plaque or PCS plaque:

Wording for Military Plaque Dedication

1) Name

Writing the name or call sign (if applicable) or rank of the person receiving the dedication plaque is perfect. You make the plaque more personalized and unique that will make the receiver love to hang or display it in his or her room or office. It makes the person feels proud to have it.
However, whenever you include the name you need to make sure that you observe proper capitalization, abbreviation, and spelling.

2) Organization Name

If you’re giving the dedication plaque to an organization, then it is also great that you make them see their department, unit, battalion, troop, squadron, or team name engraved on the plaque. They will be glad if they can show it on their walls or podiums, so visitors will see it during events.

Like the names written for individual receivers, it should also be written correctly.

3) Date

Dedication plaques can also come up with a date. If you’re giving the plaque as an award, then you can write the date of the recognition company. On the other hand, if it is a retirement and going away plaque, you can write the dates of service period. For memorial plaques, you can put the birthday and the date of death of the departed military men or women.

4) Quote

Writing a perfect wording for your dedication plaques does not always mean that you need to add a message. Sometimes, a simple quote is already ideal. It can be the favorite phrase or motto of the recipient or the department’s slogan.

Here are the sample slogans of the military department:

* Air Force
- Integrity First
- Service Before Self
- Excellence in All We Do (Unofficial)

* Army
- Army Strong
- Army of One
- Be all you can be

* Coast Guard
- Semper Paratus (Always Ready)

* Marines
- Semper Fi, Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)
- Once A Marine, Always a Marine
- The Few, The Proud, The Marines

* Navy
- Fair Winds and Following Seas
- Honor, Courage, Commitment
- Non-Sibi Sed Patriel (Not for self, but country)

5) Complement

Complementing the person in the plaque is truly fantastic! You just need to express your gratitude and appreciation in words. Think of the best way to describe the person or organization. You can also write his most remarkable contribution.

One way of complementing the person is to write a 'sweet' message on his plaque that will remind him or her how much he or she means to you!  That way you will know that the plaque will be displayed on his/her favorite table where he/she can see it more often.

For military memorial plaques, ideas on wording can be derived from the comrades’, family’s or friends’ description of the deceased person. If you’re close to that person, you can write something that you will remember about him or her.

Military Plaques is dedicated to giving you only the highest quality, unique and world-class handcrafted dedication plaques that you can’t find elsewhere.

Our plaques are skillfully and delicately hand engraved with intricate details in the finest kiln-dried mahogany wood or brass. You can custom make a design on your dedication plaque as well as you can add message or quote or poem for a better impact (see the helpful guideline to write wording for military dedication plaques).

Feel free to say what you feel for them. Words are indeed powerful to express your warm appreciation for a person or organization. If you’re still not satisfied with the wording you did, don’t worry because our team will help you come up with perfect wording for your dedication plaques.

Everyone who purchases a dedication plaque from us is guaranteed to be satisfied as all plaques are approved by your before shipping. We guarantee you that we only deliver the plaque when it’s perfect because we want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the product.

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Examples of Military Wording for Military Presentation and Retirement Plaques:

Air Force Farewell Plaque with dedication
US Marine Corps USMC-Permenent-Change-of-Station-Farewell-Plaque