Fire and Emergency Services Plaque

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Firefighter Plaques customized at no extra charge!
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This is the patch of the Fire and Emergency Services of Azores, Portugal. They want a plaque to be hung on the wall of their office, so we made it happen! This wooden plaque is hand-carved and hand-painted to achieve perfection in every detail.

Want your patch to be turned into a plaque? We can do that for you. Just send a photo of your patch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Any design, any shape, any size, we can make the plaque for you. Do not worry, artwork set-up fee is free of charge.

All our plaques are hand-carved from the finest mahogany and hand-painted to give you the best quality of a plaque can have. No minimum orders required. Free standard shipping. Order your plaque now.

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