CCSO Swat Police Squad Retirement Photo Presentation Plaque

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Appreciate your fellow swat retirees with this unique photo presentation plaque!

CCSO SWAT Police Squad is a unit responsible for the safety of the citizens capable of mitigating high risk and providing special tactics to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office and to other requesting law enforcement agency that are not available to the Sheriff’s Office members.

How sophisticated their job is that’s why they deserve a valuable gift or award when they did something great while in service or if they reach their retirement day. This unique photo presentation we made for one of their retirees 10 years ago is carved in 100% mahogany and finish in medium wood tone. It has the team leader badge and sheriff’s badge at the top and a photo holder at the center. The name and service period of the recipient is engraved at the bottom part.

You can’t miss a presentation plaque as unique as this one unless you want us to do one for you! Do you want two or more photo holders on it? Or row or more badges or seals? Or you want another design and color finish? We can make it all for you!

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