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Military Memories Gifts and Awards

Military Memories Gifts and Awards

  Having a friend or relative or colleague in the military is hard especially when you care for them so much and it makes you worry about their lives while they are in service. Yet, it's harder to decide what special gift you can give them when they need to go on a mission, recognized for their bravery, or retired from service, just to make them feel loved and appreciated. Regardless of the occasion, personalized plaques, desk nameplates, and shadow boxes can always make the perfect present! There are a lot of creative ways on how you can surprise a military friend or relative with these items. Here, we'll tell you some.


Recreate your loved one's badges and patches, medals, or challenge coins they got in the military into a unique wooden wall or podium plaque! They will be amazed seeing them in an enlarged view as they remember their sacrifices in the service. You can also make it more personalized and meaningful by designing a plaque just for them where you can decide what text or dedication message to put along with the design that your military friend will truly appreciate.

Desk Nameplates

One of the great ways to surprise a military personnel or colleague is to give them a piece that shows their pride and identity. A personalized desk nameplates with their names and titles are perfect as military gifts or awards. You can choose what font color and style you will apply to their names and titles. You can also add a quote or an honoring description written on the desk nameplates of your recipient. They will surely be forever proud of what they achieve because of it!

Shadow Boxes

These shadow boxes are ideally presented to those military men and women who are retiring from the service. But now, you can also give them to those military achievers close to your heart. Shadow boxes are a classy and attractive way of storing military collections such as medals, awards, and flags. So, if you give your military colleague this kind of gift, they will rightfully immensely proud of their awards and pieces of memorabilia.

Once you take time to learn more about the importance of these items, you will recognize why these are the perfect military gifts and awards. 

Here at Military Plaques, we offer you uniquely handcrafted wooden plaques, desk nameplates, and shadow boxes that you can give to your military friends and relatives. You can check out our gallery for more designs but if you can't find the design you want, we can help you customize yours freely. All custom designs, shapes, and colors of the plaques, desk nameplates, and shadow boxes are free of charge. We also make tail flashes and deployment tables. No minimum order quantity and no US shipping fee. Order now!

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