Information About Badge Plaques and Seal Plaques

We’ve added two badge plaques and two seal plaques to our wide collection of plaques!

It’s so important that you check them now because these plaques might be the one you’re looking for!


If you’re a police officer, firefighter, or sheriff, you must be finding something unique to join your series of memorabilia. What about a plaque replica of your badges or patches? Or your favorite service car with your name engraved on it? Your award turned into a plaque with the wording of your contribution? You can be more creative than what you think! Since offers you custom-made plaques that you can personalize based on your preference, you can now create whatever design you wish.

No worries, if you want help with your design, then our graphics team will assist you to achieve the design you want. Planning to give servicemen or women a one-of-a-kind promotion, recognition, or retirement gift?

You can personalize a dedication plaque for them! You can choose the design, shape, and size of the plaque and our craftsmen will exactly hand-carved it based on your preference.

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However, if your chief personnel, lieutenant, president, or chairman who wants another seal plaque for your department or unit or headquarters, then you can send us your seal or emblem or insignia. You can also customize even a seal plaque! Do you want to award it to someone in the service who is retiring or have accomplished something great? You can add another layer to the plaque for names and dates and dedication wording. We can put an additional brass plate if that’s what you like. If you want another creative design, then we’re always available to help. Just tell us what you want, then we’ll make it real!

Each badge plaque and seal plaque we produce is made of highest quality mahogany. It is handcrafted from carving to finishing giving high attention to details. We guarantee that you will only receive the plaque when it’s perfect.

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We just added National Reconnaissance Office Seal Plaque, Defense Intelligence Agency Seal Plaque, USCG Diving Medical Technician Badge Plaque, and Master Diver Badge Plaque.

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