The people in service have given so much to protect the country. Sending a card or letter to a deployed soldier? Here are some tips for you so you will not be uneasy and unsure of what you are writing.



Don’t make them feel guilty

While they are away with the military, serving the country, please do not tell the soldiers that they have changed just because they cannot spend more time to you or write you letters back. Do not give them a heavy burden to think of while they are out on a mission. They are out in deployment doing their responsibilities, so please understand that they might not have the time while they are away. Do not make them guilty about the things they have little control of.

Don’t ask “Why have not you responded?”

If your letters or e-mails are not returned, please bear with patience. There are reasons why the soldiers cannot write to you back. There might be a communication blackout, where all methods of communication are not being allowed for security purposes. Or simply, they do not have the time because they are on a mission. The soldiers might be in a 16-hour shift every day, having ample of time for rest.

Don’t say “Why didn’t you spend time with me on your leave?”

Yes, they know you have missed them so much. But you see, the people in the military also have a family, or a list of relatives to visit. To think that they only have a two-week leave where they can actually “rest”, they also have their own things to do during their leave. If you want to say this to the soldier, writing a letter to him during deployment and telling this is not the right way to do it.


Do say encouraging words and appreciation

The soldiers are out there in deployment for the military, away from family, friends and the people their hearts are close to. So please, help them be strong enough while they are away. Thank them and be positive! There are probably negative vibes from where they are at, keep writing the letters to make the soldiers' smile get through the day.

Do talk about the weather, their favorite TV show and you

Tell them what is the weather like and you can ask them too about that in the letter. If it’s summer from where you are writing it, let them feel the warmth. If they have a favorite TV show that they have been watching before deployment, tell them what is happening. Not unless they told you not to spoil them. Talk about you, what you have been up to or a funny thing that happened at work. These matters to the people in service.

Do send them pictures!

Your stories do not just end with your letter. Send your soldier some photos. If they have missed something and you have a picture of it, have it printed and sent! Your soldier will be happier with the actual photo rather than leaving it to their imagination.

But there’s a unique something that you can give   when your soldier gets deployed or goes home.   And it’s a military plaque!

There are deployments plaques. Each plaque is fully customized and fully personalized to your exact requirements. We do not charge extra for the artwork set-up and we will ready your mockup design prior placing the order to production. Any size, any design, and any shape, we can make the deployment plaque following your specification. Each details will be carved in the wood and painted in full color.

You can also give them an award plaque when they get home, whichever makes you and your soldier happy!



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